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Confocal Sensing

Lein has developed its patented technology specifically to reduce the size and cost of confocal metrology systems. This has been achieved by combining the source, detector and pinhole assembly into a single compact device. This simplifies the design while still maintaining the resolution that is achieved with traditional confocal systems. Our technology can measure:
  • Position (sub-micron precision)
  • Thickness (sub-micron precision)
  • Refractive index
  • Concentration and distribution of pharmaceutical drugs (better than 1 ĶM/L)
  • Physical characteristics that enable the diagnosis of many conditions including diabetes and Alzheimerís disease
  • Glucose non-invasively via the eye.
Optics, Electronics and Software

Underpinning our core confocal technology, Lein has developed motion systems, high-speed electronics, optics and state of the art software. As with the confocal technology the emphasis is to reduce both the size and cost but still provide the same performance that is found on traditional systems.

Image Processing

To overcome some of the obstacles faced by optical instrumentation Lein has developed a number of image processing solutions to support both measurement of and alignment to an object under test. Our image processing technology is efficient and capable of tracking and achieving highly accurate and precise results with respect to measurements of circles and ellipses. Distance accuracies to within 2 Ķm of calibrated standards, with a precision of Ī 1 Ķm, have been demonstrated.

Optical Design

Fully customisable confocal optical assemblies depending on the application.

Scanning Stage

Leinís motion controlled confocal scanning stage is both compact and low cost.

Signal Processing

Lein uses sophisticated signal processing techniques to support its technical development. Noise sources and their characteristic frequencies are identified, leading to improved signal to noise performance while analysis of the confocal point spread function offers improved accuracy and precision.

Intellectual Property

Leinís Intellectual Property, which consists of nine granted patents, has been developed in-house and is 100% owned by the company. Three patents relate to the measurement technique, four to the alignment of the meter to the item under test, and two to the innovative components used in the meters. Our IP is relevant across all our applications.

Leinís always patents in the UK first of all then then via the PCT process extends the coverage to Europe and the US. Leinís key patents are also protected in China, India and Japan.

If you would like more details about our patent portfolio, please
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