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Cost-effective and accurate dimensional measurement solution

The Dione bidirectional sensor is a compact and affordable source/detector module that is at the core of the Lein confocal sensing technique. It can be used as a scanning or static device, allowing position and multi-layer thickness measurements with sub-micron precision and repeatability. Dione can also be used to measure refractive index with a resolution to 1 x 10-5. Dione can either be supplied as a standalone product or Lein can provide engineering support for sensor integration into a custom measurement system.

  • Non-contact
  • Position, multi-layer thickness and refractive index measurements
  • Up to MHz rates
  • 1310 nm, other wavelengths available
  • Sub micron resolution
  • Working distance: 19 Ķm to 400 mm
  • Measurement head from 250 Ķm in diameter
  • Integrated into your equipment, providing an elegant solution for your measurement needs.
  • Multi-layer thickness measurements
  • Flat panel defect measurements
  • Contact lens measurements
  • In line inspection of glass and plastic
  • Silicon wafer thickness measurements
  • Ophthalmic measurements
  • Condition monitoring.
Technical Specification

Parameter Value
Optical Power 5 μW typical
Wavelengths 1310 nm, other wavelengths available
Data Rate >1 M sample/second
Dark Current 1 nA maximum
Optical Cross Talk -25 dB maximum
Rise/Fall Time 0.3 ns typical
Dimensions 28 x 12 x 7 mm (does not include pins or
   fibre optic)
Lein Applied Diagnostics Ltd reserves the right to update and improve this specification without prior notice

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