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Accurate thickness measurement of 3D engineered tissues and cells

The CTS2 is an accurate non-contact thickness measurement system designed to measure 3D engineered tissues and cells. The CTS2 can measure tissues and cells within a well plate and can make measurements in either solution or air. Measurements can be made in less than 1 second with sub micrometre resolution over a range of 30 – 900 µm. The CTS2 also features a well plate template so the sample under test can be accurately positioned. Lein’s thickness measurement software, pControl, is also provided.

CTS used by TAP Biosystems to accurately measure collagen tissue thickness. For further information on the Lonza RAFT system please click here.

  • Non-contact
  • Measure thickness in-situ
  • Measurements can be performed in solution or in air
  • Thickness measurements in less than 1 second
  • 30 - 900 µm measurement range
  • Sub micrometre resolution
  • Continuous scanning for real time monitoring
  • Applicable to collagen, hydrogels and many other engineered tissues and cells.
Technical Specification

Parameter Value
Thickness measurement range 30 - 900 μm
Spatial Resolution 0.2 μm
Precision ± 1 μm
Accuracy ± 5 μm
Measurement Rate 5 - 30 scans/s
Lein Applied Diagnostics Ltd reserves the right to update and improve this specification without prior notice

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