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News Archive 2013

December 2013

Lein announces new investment to drive commercial strategy

Lein’s strategy to exploit the complementary markets of diabetes care, pharmacokinetics and metrology is proving extremely successful with technical developments moving apace and customer sales growing rapidly.

In order to capitalise on this momentum, at the end of 2013 Lein closed a further investment round to provide the capital to:

1. Develop the next generation glucose meter in partnership with the NHS.

2. Develop a range of pharmacokinetics meters in collaboration with Durham University, University College London and the University of Oxford.

3. Provide working capital to support the rapid growth being achieved in the metrology market.

Dan Daly, CEO, said “It has been a very exciting 2013 with significant successes seen with our revised, broader strategy. This new funding will allow us to continue the technical development for the long term diabetes and pharmacokinetics opportunities and will underpin the very rapid growth we are seeing in the metrology market.”

October 2013

Lein CTS2 univerCELLmarket Article

Read the article at univerCELLmarket about how the Lein CTS2 is aiding both industry and academia in the field of 3D engineered tissues and cells. Read more

September 2013

Novel Fluorophotometer Questionnaire

Lein is developing an instrument that non-invasively monitors the diffusion and concentration of fluorescent compounds in tissue both in humans (in vivo) and in samples (in vitro) with high resolution and speed. We are seeking the opinion of anyone who may have need for such a device as it will help to inform the direction of the development. The questionnaire will take 5 - 10 minutes to complete and you will be entered into the prize draw to win one of two £50 Amazon vouchers. The survey is now closed.

July 2013

Lein awarded TSB grant

Lein is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a “Feasibility Studies for Technology-Inspired Innovation” grant from the UK’s innovation agency, the
Technology Strategy Board
. The grant will be used to investigate tuneable lenses for high speed, high precision optical sensors for CMM applications. This is an exciting project for Lein as tuneable lenses open up the possibility to provide innovative products for our customers with faster scan rates and new modes of operation. Lein will present the results of the project at the government-backed Technology Strategy Board’s Collaboration Nation event in London on December 10th 2013.


Lein Applied Diagnostics has acquired its first two trademarks for Lein and Dione. With more exciting developments on the horizon Lein will be looking to obtain more trademarks in the near future.

May 2013

Lein launches new website

Lein Applied Diagnostics is very proud to announce the launch of their redesigned website. The new website reflects Lein's strategy targeting our three core markets; Metrology, Pharmacokinetics and Diabetes Care. The new website has greater product focus as we continue to grow in these three exciting fields.

March 2013

New Business Development Manager joins Lein

Lein is pleased to announce the appointment of Ian Cox as its Business Development Manager. Ian is responsible for identifying and leading strategic business development opportunities within Lein. Ian holds an MBA in Technology Management from The Open University and a BEng in Electronic Engineering from the University of Sussex and has extensive experience working in the Photonics industry. He recently held a senior role at Photek Limited where he was responsible for worldwide sales and marketing.

This newly created role reflects Lein’s desire to continue to grow the company and to develop new business opportunities.

January 2013

Lein restructures management team

Following a busy 2012, and anticipating an even busier 2013, Lein has reorganised its management team to optimise its potential in a number of new markets. Roy Johnson is now Lein’s Chairman, Dan Daly is Chief Executive Officer and Graeme Clark is Chief Operating Officer. Adding to the team a new Business Development Manager has been identified and recruited and will join Lein in March 2013.

Dan Daly summarises the company’s new emphasis: “Lein has built up a world leading ability in non-contact measurement and has attracted international interest for its technology. Realising the potential of this technology requires a new management structure and we anticipate that the changes we have put in place will ensure that Lein achieves its ambitious short and long term goals”.

Two further patents granted

The alignment of the meter to the item under test is crucial in many applications of Lein’s technology in order to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the measurement. Consequently Lein has put significant effort into developing novel ways of ensuring that the meter is aligned and that, if the measurement is being made on a person, that that person is provided with feedback and so knows that the meter is making a valid measurement.

To ensure that these new alignment techniques are protected Lein has filed a number of patents around them. In December 2012 two of these were granted by the
UK Intellectual Property Office. The first, GB2451441, covers the meter analysing the measured signal to assess how well it is aligned to the subject and the second, GB2487873, covers feedback to the patient to help them self-align to the meter. These new grants bring Lein’s patent portfolio to a total of 5 granted patents along with a further 4 going through the approvals process.

KTP in Pharmacokinetics

For the past 3 years Lein has supported a PhD project at
Durham University to investigate the possibility of non-invasively measuring pharmaceutical diffusion in the eye. Following the success of this proof of concept work Lein is now delighted to have been offered a 3 year Knowledge Transfer Partnership by the Technology Strategy Board to continue the development of the technology and to extend its capabilities to through skin measurements. Dr. Kim Buttenschoen, who worked with Prof. John Girkin during her PhD said “I am delighted to be able to continue this exciting work. We can see enormous potential for non-invasive measurements of pharmaceuticals in the body both during the development of new drugs and to improve point of care testing”.

This project will officially start on the 1st April. From that time Dr. Buttenschoen will work at Lein’s offices in Reading to develop the next generation of advanced prototypes. See our Pharmacokinetics page for more information.

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