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News Archive 2012

December 2012

Lein files new patent on low cost, compact, confocal systems

Following a significant investment in research and development, Lein has succeeded in developing innovative confocal metrology systems that are more compact and simple to use than any available today. Lein has now filed the patent application covering this invention and will continue to develop the technology for applications in healthcare and industrial metrology.

Dr Robin Taylor, one of the inventors, said “I am very much looking forward to exploring new applications for this technology.”

Graeme Clark, Lein’s Chief Operating Officer, commented “this is the result of a major programme of work and I’m very pleased that we’ve demonstrated so many benefits from this approach.”

More details will be released in due course.

October 2012

Lein announces new investment to drive commercial opportunities

Lein is delighted to announce that it has just closed the second tranche of the investment round agreed in February 2012. This additional investment will enable the company to realise the large number of commercial opportunities that have been identified for its innovative confocal technology.

“We have been seeing an ever increasing range of customers recognise the benefits that our technology can bring to them” commented Dan Daly, Director of Lein. “This new funding will allow us to expand the team and to become even more commercially focussed. Our customers are repeatedly coming up with new ways to utilise our non-contacting measurement systems and we need to ensure that we keep ahead of their requirements”.

Lein’s portfolio of metrological abilities continues to expand with further measurements that complement the core confocal technology. Lein can now make highly accurate lateral dimensional measurements and provide image analysis alongside thickness measurements. But the area that is currently stimulating the most interest is the determination of surface locations for co-ordinate measuring machines. Lein’s ability to locate a surface without contacting it, with a system that is compact and cheap but retains the required accuracy, is seeing significant demand.

August 2012

CTS1 Measures Tissue Thickness

Lein’s technology will be acknowledged in a
poster to be presented by TAP Biosystems at TERMIS in September. The CTS1 optical measuring system uses Lein’s proprietary confocal technology to measure tissue thickness. TAP Biosystems have used it routinely over the past year to measure RAFT tissue thickness for R&D, QC and QA purposes, and, in special circumstances, for real-time measurements in situ during tissue formation.

July 2012

Lein's 3rd Patent Granted

Lein continues to successfully grow its portfolio of patents that protect its innovative technology. This year the first of its suite of eye alignment patents has been granted in the UK, EU and US. These alignment patents are crucial to achieve the accuracy required when measuring glucose in the eye but also have wider application in both ophthalmic measurements and general confocal metrology.

Dan Daly explains “Lein considers its patents to be key to protecting the hard work that has gone into developing the company’s many products. Our future revenue generation plans are built on the broad exploitation of this IP.”

Lein’s more recent patents continue to work their way through the approvals process and new filings are planned for later this year.

April 2012

Lein Customer Launches Innovative 3D Cell Culture System

Lein congratulates
TAP Biosystems on the successful launch of their new RAFT System for the production of complex 3D cell cultures from collagen hydrogels.

TAP Biosystem’s scientists were looking for a measurement technology and selected Lein’s innovative confocal metrology solution, which has now been in use on a daily basis over the past year, to improve the performance of their system. Lein’s device enabled the development of a more reproducible RAFT process by providing real time thickness measurements of the 3D cell cultures in situ in standard well plates. This was a particularly challenging task that couldn’t be solved by competing measurement technologies. Lein’s confocal technology is well suited to making measurements in such difficult environments. Graeme Clark, a director of Lein, commented: “We are very pleased to have been able to support TAP Biosystems on the development of this revolutionary product and to have provided them with such an effective solution to their metrology problems.”

Following this initial success Lein is also pleased to announce that TAP Biosystems has commissioned Lein to upgrade their existing confocal metrology device with Lein’s latest hardware and software to make the meter faster, more accurate and more robust. This upgrade will provide TAP Biosystem’s scientists with a significant improvement in performance and ease of use.

February 2012

Lein closes new funding round

Following the successful completion of an extensive clinical trial on Type 1 diabetic volunteers and the increasing customer interest in its solutions for metrology applications, Lein is pleased to report that its investors have provided the company with additional funds. Lein will use the new funding to pursue the development of its non-invasive glucose meter and to accelerate its push into broader market areas such as optometry, pharmacokinetics, tissue engineering and optical metrology.

The principle investor in the round was MTI’s UMIP Premier Fund that specialises in early stage technology companies. David Holbrook, Partner at MTI, said “We are delighted to continue our support of Lein. The company has demonstrated strong progress in all areas and is ramping up its revenues at an impressive rate. We are expecting good things over the next stage of the company’s development.”

Dan Daly, Director of Lein, believes that the continued support of its investors underscores just how much potential Lein has. “We are now seeing our hard work come to fruition. We have customers evaluating our prototypes in complementary metrology areas and we are now realising just how effective our technology is in solving many measurement needs.”

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