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Diabetes Care


Leinís meters are used for both industrial and medical measurements


Our optical meters are used for making measurements in:
  • Hostile environments, where there is a need to avoid disrupting the item under test and ensuring the instrument isnít affected by the environment
  • In quality control where a rapid, non-contacting measurement is required.
The typical measurement parameters are dimensional, such as surface location and thickness, and optical, such as refractive index.


Our primary focus is on making measurements that help to confirm wellness, to diagnose illness and to monitor physical parameters to support a treatment regime. Examples of our measurements include:
  • The measurement of AGEs (advanced glycated end-products) for the diagnosis of diabetes
  • The measurement of glucose for the treatment of diabetes
  • The measurement of DNA comet assays for the diagnosis of cancer
  • The monitoring of drug diffusion for the treatment of cancer.
The key aspect of our measurements is that they are non-invasive and non-contacting. This means that for measurements on a person the measurement is more comfortable and for measurements in a laboratory the sample isnít disrupted.

contact us if you feel the measurements described above match your requirements.

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